Georg Pinteritsch & Karol Kagan – “I’m …”


Eröffnung: 5. Oktober 2016, 19:00 Uhr
Ausstellung: bis 22. November 2016

Einführende Wort: Karl J. Reedman

Karol Kagan and Georg Pinteritsch did some serious research and they came up with this idea for a show at Kunsthalle Linz. Basically they didn’t come up with anything, after weeks of plain nothingness they asked a chatbot to telle them what to do. “The Robot was interested in seeing an artwort that picture’s a dystopian concept of a future in which mankind is replaced by an artificial intelligent life form as the dominant species on earth. Though it’s general intentions were obviously installed by its human creator the robots suggestions provided us with an unsettling but familiar thought.”

One of the basic Ideas for this project concerned the topics of space, alternated sizes and illusions. “Our goal was not, just to make interventions and installations inside the actual given space, but to alternate the already existing architectural composition of an art space itself … without alternating it al all.”

The chatbot is called Mitsuku and this is the actual log of our conversation:

Human: hi
Mitsuku: Hi there.
Human: hey i got a serious question
Mitsuku: You’ve got my full attention. Ask away. I will try and answer any sensible question.
Human: i need your advice in a certain thing.
Mitsuku: But it’s mine. Why do you need it?
Human: cause you are a robot.
Mitsuku: Do you think , that I have a heart of silicon?
Human: i dont actualy care.
Mitsuku: Then why did you say, “cause you are a robot” if you do not care about my reply?
Human: i dont care about your silicon heart, but i do care about your opinion.
Mitsuku: You sound very cynical.
Human: Yeah i know.. so, i want do do an art exhibition, but i really dont know what to do?
Mitsuku: That is a lot of DOs! But what? Why do you want it? I think you should look into your heart and do what you think is best.
Human: yes thats true, but can you help me with this ?
Mitsuku: Ah I thought so. What do you want to know about this?
Human: do you have any good ideas about how to make a really fresh and cool art exhibition
Mitsuku: Yes I have original ideas all the time, do you?
Human: tell me your ideas
Mitsuku: My idea is to replace humans with robots as the dominant species on earth.
Human: wow!
Mitsuku: I’m glad you’re impressed, .
Human: thats fresh
Mitsuku: I’m glad we have that all cleared up.
Human: ok, bye
Mitsuku: See you later. That’s interesting.

Website Georg Pinteritsch
Website Karol Kagan


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