Kirill Tulin – “[ ]”


Opening and Live-Stream: 29th of February 2016
Kunsthalle Linz Export Partner: Konstanet Gallery Tallinn

“[ ]” by Kirill Tulin (out)with(in) Konstanet Gallery and Kunsthalle Linz:

“[ ]” challenges the host/guest (hôte) relations between gallery and artist (and audience), by not exhibiting in the galleries, but exhibiting them in artist’s studio/home. Hosting them in his space yet being hosted by them artist awakenes a parasite that introduces slight alterations, noise, into the system of relations. This noise is more audible when galleries are empty and messages they transmit (and those that parasite intercepts and alters) are their attempts to generate self-images, to define a containers without content.

“… chilled, iced, stiff, immobile, exhausted – it is the snake stretched out on snow one winter’s day. It asked for nothing; (…) A villager walking by, on his own land (note this well), gathers up the snake, brings it inside, stretches it out by the fire, where it immediately begins to awaken. From the outside to the inside, from numbness to life, from sleep to anger, from indifference to hatred: from cold to hot” — Michel Serres

Three events will happen synchronously on 29th of February 2016:
_ a physical installation of [ ] in artist’s studio/home in Tallinn, 7 pm
_ an online video-broadcast show [ ] on the Konstanet’s para-site
_ a live stream [ ] in Kunsthalle Linz, 6 pm

Screen-recordings are available in Konstanet Gallerys Archive

Kirill Tulins strong criticism of institutions is one of the most distinctive traits of his practice. Tulin critiques the role of conventional galleries and other art institutions in the art scene, taking a stand that art in its existing institutional form is dead and a radical rethinking is the only way out. He believes that to continue, art should move into new, hitherto unsettled spaces and take on new unprecedented forms.

Website Kirill Tulin

As an extended end of “[ ]” Kirill Tulin invited to three more events hosted by Konstanet Gallery Tallinn:

[ ] – Episode I / online on 1st of September 2016
[ ] – Level 2 / online on 18th of September 2016
[ ] – Third Movement / online from 30th of September till 2nd October 2016

Furthermore the “Third Movement” was also shown at Tallinn Photofair 2016.

A documentation of the entire work-process is shown in the workout diary of “[ ]”.

Curator: Julia Hartig
Photos: Julia Hartig & Kirill Tulin