Liisa Ahlfors – “Siege”


Opening and Live-Stream: 23rd of April 2015
Kunsthalle Linz Export Partner: “At Ahlfors” Tampere (Finland)

Speech: Marie-Therese Luger
Music: Sanni Seppä & Jyri Pitkänen

With the artist´s home chosen as a site, the particular interest is to reconsider the spaces conventionally thought as the private and the public, as well as accessibility of these spaces. Kunsthalle Linz being a public space, taken in by the private, and on the other hand the private home opened for the public, is to create a dialogue between the two opposites.

Photos: Julia Hartig

Liisa Ahlfors, born 1985, is a visual artist based in Tampere, Finland. Her work is mainly fed by the challenge of a new environment. Using encounters with sites, situations, or objects in relation to their socio-political contexts, she binds stories with simple shapes. She seeks to disrupt the obvious things that attract her attention, as well as the distinction between public and private space, and propose a temporal place where factual and sensitive realities coexist.

Website Liisa Ahlfors


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